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This rubber curtain is made of natural latex (5%) ans pure rubber (95%).
Depth: 3,2 mm or 6mm
Colours:  red or white
Resistance to wear (at 25°C): 180 kg/cm²
Extension: 700 to 800 %
Elasticity: 14 K/cm²
Hardness (shore): A 38° +/- 3
Resistance to tear: 83 K/cm²
Specific gravity: 0,96



The tiles are made of recycled rubber together with high quality coloured polyurethan. They do not contain any toxic substance for the environment.
The tiles are water permeable and can be cleaned with diluted detergents. They can be placed in indoor and outdoor shooting ranges.

Technical specifications

Dimensions: 1000 x 500mm.
Thickness: 43 mm (standard), 30 mm, 22 mm, 15 mm
Colours: black, brown red, green
Elongation at tear: DIN 53504 95%
Compression strength: DIN 53577 0,663 Mpa (for 20% deformation)
Modulus E: DIN 53577 0.332 N/mm²
Static stiffness: 0,31 Mpa at 10% indentation
Resistance to breaking: DIN 53504 1,31 N/mm²
Thermal conductivity: R = 0,161 x m²k/v
Impact sound improvement: ca. 18dB
Shore hardness: DIN 53505 A40-50
Resistance at heat: 90°C
Resistance at cold: -40°C
Thermal expension coefficient: 1,2 x 10-6/°C%
Burning behavior: DIN 4102 B2


Technical specifications
Dimensions: 500 x 300 x 200 mm
Weight: 25 kg
Colour: Brown red

Hign noise abatment level
Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
Maximum resistance to hits from any direction
Water and UV resistant